Registered Migration Australia offers local and international advice on migration, education and recruitment for emigrants to Australia. Our agents are fully trained with a thorough understanding of the Australian Immigration Law and its Regulations.

All immigration work is conducted from the beginning to the completion of a visa application and our services are in full compliance with the Migration Agents Registration Authority’s CODE OF CONDUCT.

What is a Migration Agent?

A Registered Migration Agent is a person who has completed a course in Migration Law and Practice and who is registered with MARA.

Registered Migration Agents:

  • advise you of the most appropriate class of Visa for you personally
  • provide you with a full list of the documents and evidence required to meet your particular visa class you are applying for and help you to prepare and lodge your Visa Application
  • assist you during the process of obtaining a visa to migrate to Australia or to remain in Australia
  • provide a submission addressing all the key legislation to accompany your visa application and, where your visa has been refused or cancelled, can on your behalf before a Tribunal

Migration Agents working in Australia must be registered with the office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA). Every Migration Agent giving migration advice in Australia must undergo annual re-registration with the OMARA and yearly Continual Professional Development (CPD), which ensures Migration Agents are up to date with changes in Australia’s Immigration Law and Policy.
Why use a Registered Migration Agent?
Australian Immigration law is complex and is also constantly changing. To be successful, you need up to date advice, and this can only come from a Registered Migration Agent.

Registered Migration Agents:

  • identify problems or weaknesses in your application at the beginning of your visa application
  • simplify the process and prepare the paper work for your visa application
  • reduce the time and stress of worrying about an outcome by applying applicable Migration law and practice to your visa and particular circumstance
  • Registered Migration Agents comply with the Agents Code of Conduct
  • efficiently deal with Government and non-Government agencies such for Skills assessment organisations and Business sponsorship bodies and submit your visa application Australian Immigration department competently and ethically

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