Australia Student Visa

There are several classes of student visas for study in Australia. The type of visa depends on the type of study you wish to undertake (eg: English language course, graduate degree, vocational training,higher education, etc.) you are planning to undertake. Student Visas can be a good way to experience short duration study and work experiences without necessarily requesting a Working Holiday Visa, which is only once in a lifetime.

Below is the list of the student visas currently available. For more detail information on each visa please visit the link (opens in a new window):

A Student Visa

  • lets you easily enter Australia with the possibility to work legally if you have already turned 31 years;
  • you  can include family members: spouse and children as dependents;
  • will allow you to enter and work 20 hours a week during semesters  (check the Assessment Level 1, 2, 3 for the passport and subclass applied);
  • may also act as an option for temporary or permanent residency in Australia.

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