Accountants halved in New Skilled Occupation List for 2014

The Australian is reporting that the Australian Government has halved the number of spaces under the 2014-2015 SkillSelect Migration Program for Accountants.

Under Australia’s Skilled Migration Program, per-determined occupation ceilings limit the number of visa applications that can be submitted. The effect of these ceilings has recently been experienced by certain IT professionals and Engineers where invitations are issued ‘pro-rata’ in the latter half of the 2013-2014 migration year.

Although the occupation of Accountants remains on the new Skilled Occupation List, opportunities available will be severely restricted to 3% of the total occupation’s workforce, compared to 6% for most other occupations through the SkillSelect Occupation Ceiling.

The Australian newspaper has reported that:

“Senator Cash said the new ­occupational ceiling would limit the number of accountancy places to about 5000 next financial year”

The government has capped the program at 43,990 skilled visas next financial year. For each of the professions on the list, the number of positions available is capped at 6 per cent of the occupation’s workforce.