Skills Assessment, Visa Evidencing and Student Visa changes effective July 1st 2014

Skills Assessment: A Skills Assessment issued by assessment bodies will be valid for only 3 years. Previously, skills assessments did not expire for the purposes of visa applications. The three year validity period is to align with the existing three year validity period for English Language tests.

Visa Evidencing: If you are seeking a visa label affixed in your passport (a Vise Evidence Charge (VEC)) from July 1st it will cost you $150. The increase from $70 to $150 dollars is in accordance with the government’s move toward digital services and to encourage people to use online verification.

Student Visas: A student must declare all family members in their application or before their student visa is granted. If an undeclared family member applies for a student visa on the basis of a family relationship with the student they will be ineligible for the grant of the visa.The only exception to this rule is where the person became a family member after the student obtained their visa.

Student visa Australia Registered Migration Australia


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